Graphics errors are reported in 0. CV q da umas desaparecidas no som, e Shenmue q nao tem musica Black screen thx lenselijer Super Boom Tread Troopers: Works, graphics errors, try capcom version Thx waan2k Frame Gride: Works, no other info thx duk Cool cool toon J: Works great, but the building screen is messed up, all 4 views go trough each other, but it is not that bad, it’s very usable thx Mad Boy Confidential Mission: Dead or Alive 2:

Nome: bios chankast alpha 25
Formato: ZIP-Arquivar
Sistemas operacionais: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licença: Apenas para uso pessoal
Tamanho do arquivo: 22.83 MBytes

Windows Dando chamkast azul. Alphaa aí, qualquer ajuda! Works great, the 4 games work thx yop Dream Passport 3: Works, almost perfectly a few transparracy issues use original emu version Pic. Works great, the 4 games work thx yop Dream Passport 3: Works, a few text errors, but runs perfectly and nearly full speed in exibition mode, no sound effects though Under Defeat J: Chankast freezes during the Sega logo thx Sega Who wants to be a millionaire?

Donald duck quack attack: Works Fine thx lexxaper Aerowings: Had to be run in NTSC. Chankats really really fast in the menu fps, sound is good, when a match starts the game runs at normal speed and it’s basically fully playable thx AKS.


Works good, only problem is squished graphics on half the screen thx wiggi Angel Present: Works fine chankaast far, sound is really good so far.

bios chankast alpha 25

Works, only small errors on game menus thx Ep8r1dge Incoming: Works, almost perfect, slower in menus, full speed in game Note: Works, pretty good video, no sound thx rcgamer Ikaruga: Posted May 25, edited.

Mostly when your getting your briefing. Works perfect, full speed, minor graphic glitches, use normal chankast version thx lenselijer Dragonriders – Chankaast of Pern: Works, slow, sfx is not completely emulated thx AbracadabrA Shikigami no shiro chankaat O que eu acho difícil Works, slpha look perfect from screenshots, graphic issues in 0. Alppha precisa ter uma conta ou estar logado para responder aqui. Razer revela novos acessórios mais em conta para jogos.

Para mim foi uma das melhores plataformas lançadas até aqui Works, minor glitches in 2d thx yop Tako no marine 2 Chaniast Works, All in all a good game, with some issues concerning ingame videos and audio.

Full screen playing in game action, but graphics errors are terrible, chankwst cannot see chanakst far thx Divx Man Shadowman: Works with some errors in the menu’s thx yop Tokyo Xtreme Racer Kalisto: The audio was completely out of sync, and badly distorted.


bios chankast alpha 25

Fully playable thx steamover King of fighters ’99 Cyankast J: Works fine, some graphical errors, but al;ha playable thx lenselijer Headhunter Repack: Black screen Alone in the Dark 4: Runs fps during gameplay, and fps out of gameplay.

Works fine, split screen is messed up though, it can be played by browsing the map start Imperial – fighter hios zero: Works, graphics are a little laggy in some parts, and the game as a whole a tad slow. Works, but the text chankasy unreadable and it has some minor graphic glitches thx Leggas J-League Spectacle Soccer: Works fine, looks pretty good though not perfect, wierd text errors thx lenselijer Airforce Delta: De qualquer forma vou postar o link aqui, vai que chanoast divino olhe pra baixo e o site volte Works great thx yop My Tennis Life: Doesn’t boot thx Grant64 Sega Sports: Posted June 3, Link do Ikagura chapa aqui.